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Travel Support

NamePhone/text Cedar RapidsDes MoinesBurlingtonAmtrak Station*MolineChicago Additional ridersComment
Evan Beltran641-452-1147$98$155 $75$48$155$20 eachsurcharge for really early or late
Pat Cox641-451-1147$98$148 $75$148$20 each
Park Hensley641-451-0888$65$95$50$100$300No additional chargePark charges "the distance to the airport" He will also do small drives in Fairfield for $5
Devin Hrebar641-919-6108$90$130$65$130$30, or $25 for immediate family membersDevin and her husband have taken over the shuttle business from George. They will also do late-night arrivals for an extra $30
Molly Jenkins843-384-5362$90$130$65$130$30Prices are one-way
Mobile Companion (Chris Conklin)319-201-9741$150 $200$100$200Can take up to seven adults and their luggage$50 an hour. Good for groups, has Honda Pilot and a padded trailer for luggage, commercially licensed
Rich Schindler641-919-1817$98 $155$78$48$155$15surcharge for really early or late
Premier car rental319-931-8969Car rentals in Fairfield
Iowa Rideshare

* There are Amtrak stations in Mt. Pleasant and Ottumwa.

The information on travel support opportunities listed above does not constitute a recommendation of any of those services on the part of MIU or the Originals Reunion committee. In addition all information is for guidance only and you should check for the accuracy of the stated prices and terms when you make arrangements with each or any vendor.

MIU and/or the Originals Reunion committee is not liable for any injury and/or damage to persons or property caused by any acts or omissions, negligence or vehicular operations of any of the stated vendors, or any failure on their part to provide services, to do so in a timely fashion, or honor any agreements.